HealthTap Patient Code of Conduct


Code of Conduct for Patients:

  • Etiquette As a patient consulting with doctors on HealthTap, you agree to engage with the practitioner in a respectful and appropriate manner. You agree to refrain from using inappropriate language and/or behavior.

  • Treatment You agree that you may not make demands for treatment in a consultation. Please understand that there are three types of virtual consults on HealthTap:
    1. Standard virtual consults: In these consults, doctors who have accepted you as a patient (whether for “on call” care, unless you already have an ongoing care relationship with the doctor) can provide care. You may receive an examination (within the limits of virtual care), provide a medical history, obtain an assessment from a physician, and receive a treatment plan as determined to be medically appropriate by the consulting doctor.
    2. Introductory Consult: this is the first interaction with a new doctor or a doctor who has not yet accepted you as a patient on HealthTap. An introductory consult is not intended for the doctor to give you care. Introductory consults are for providing you with information or get to know the doctor and to determine if she or he can help you with your health concern (in person and/or through virtual consults). A doctor may need to invite you to her or his office for an in-person appointment in order to accept you as a patient on HealthTap.
    3. Second opinion consult: this is a consult in which a doctor can provide you with information about a health issue or a second opinion on a prior diagnosis. A new diagnosis, treatment, or other care are not available in a second opinion consult.

  • Abuse of Care HealthTap is intended to give you easy access to health information (and even care) on your computer or mobile device. As a HealthTap patient (with a HealthTap Prime membership or other access to consulting doctors on HealthTap), you are entitled to receive medically necessary and appropriate care, and you agree not to abuse or overuse the access to doctors provided to you. Overuse includes requests for multiple opinions on single medical condition HealthTap consults should not be used : to obtain numerous opinions on a single medical condition. In general, doctors may discourage this practice and may be hesitant to provide an assessment to those patients who attempt to seek multiple consults. In cases where there is an absolute medical necessity, it may be appropriate to do more than one consult in a day about a specific health issue, but you may also need to consider seeking in-person care or emergency services if the level of severity truly is at the point where multiple consults are warranted (especially if in-person care is recommended by a consulting doctor on HealthTap).

  • Prescriptions and Lab Tests Even if you believe you need a prescription or lab test, you should not expect a prescription or lab test order from any given consult. Patients who are located outside the U.S. may receive prescription recommendations only; lab orders are not currently possible for patients located outside the U.S. If the practitioner deems it appropriate to prescribe treatment or order lab tests for the condition discussed in a virtual consult, then the prescription or lab test(s) may be ordered by the physician. Lab tests are currently ordered using Quest Diagnostics lab test services; it may not be possible to order all of Quest Diagnostics lab tests (if any) in all U.S. states at this time.  The following medication categories cannot be prescribed or recommended in virtual consults on HealthTap: DEA category I-IV medications, lifestyle medications (such as weight loss or hair loss medication), and U.S.-state regulated medications. It may be possible to get prescriptions for some psychiatric medications in HealthTap Concierge virtual consults, but doctors cannot prescribe psychiatric medications in HealthTap Prime virtual consults.

  • Duration of Treatment There are cases when you may present with a condition that is long-standing for which you may have been taking a prescription for a long period of time. Even in this situation, it is up to the consulting doctor’s medical expertise and discretion to decide to order that prescription and for what duration. Please understand that in HealthTap Prime virtual consults, you and the doctor most likely do not have an established doctor-patient relationship, and best practice will be for the doctor to prescribe (if at all) a short-course of medication to hold you over until you are able to consult with your established doctor.

  • Dress Code You agree to be appropriately dressed and to show personal or private body parts only when it is of medical relevance to do so.

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