How Do I Earn CME Credit?

 General questions:

  • What is CME? Continuing Medical Education (CME) is the formal learning activity that health professionals must undertake to satisfy maintenance of licensure, maintenance of specialty board certification, credentialing, membership in professional societies, and other professional privileges
  • What are the categories of CME credit available? The CME activities on HealthTap provide "AMA PRA Category 1 Credit" for Point of Care (PoC) activity, accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) through our accreditation partner, the Postgraduate Institute of Medicine (PIM)
  • Who is HealthTap partnering with for the accreditation process? Our Category 1 CME is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) through our accreditation partner, the Postgraduate Institute of Medicine (PIM)

Eligibility for credit:

  • Who can earn CME? Any doctor who participates in the Medical Expert Network can earn AMA PRA Category 1 credits for Point of Care (PoC) learning
  • When am I eligible to earn CME credits? Doctors earn CME credits by participating in PoC learning that involves reading peer-reviewed content on topics related to the PoC activity. Doctors are given the CME option during the course of answering questions, giving peer review, and participating in review and discussion during Global Rounds 

 How to be eligible for CME credits with HealthTap:

  • Answer a question on HealthTap’s website submitted by a patient or doctor on HealthTap:
    1. Find a question that you would like to answer and select "ANSWER QUESTION"
    2. At the top of the "ANSWER QUESTION" module, select the checkbox next to "LEARN & EARN CME CREDITS
    3. The first time you use the CME feature, a popup will appear with the information and terms for earning CME credits on HealthTap. After reviewing the information presented, please select "AGREE & CONTINUE" to proceed
    4. Use HealthTap's CME features to search for, find, and review peer-reviewed literature (research articles) or HealthTap Answers
    5. Complete the short form about the research completed and learning achieved to help you answer the patient's question
    6. Type your Answer Summary and Details and select the "SEND"
    7. You will see a confirmation of the submission of your Answer with CME credits earned


Review the applicable clinical sources shown:

  • Complete the evaluation questions addressing the clinical application of learnings from the sources you have consulted
  • Submit your final answer or case response

Core requirements:

  • How much time am I required to spend to receive credit and how much credit per time spent? You should spend at least 15 minutes during your learning activity and then you may claim 0.25 units of credit. You may claim up to 0.5 units of credit for 30 or more minutes of CME learning activity for any single PoC learning activity
  • How are credits logged? HealthTap maintains a record of your CME credits
  • Can I earn credits for activities outside of HealthTap? The CME credits awarded to you on HealthTap are for the time you spend doing PoC learning activities on HealthTap
  • How do I know if a CME activity is patient safety or risk management? Some licensing boards mandate that a minimum number of hours of CME requirement must be for patient safety or risk management. The certificate you receive will not identify such topics, however you may claim patient safety/risk management credit if the topics of your CME activity are any of the following:
    • Reducing medical errors
    • Professional conduct and ethics
    • Improving communication among physicians/with health care personnel
    • Communication between physicians and patients
    • Preventive medicine education
    • Health care quality improvement

Awarding credit:

  • How do I claim credits? After each learning activity, you select the number of credits based on the time you spent doing that activity, up to 0.5 units for each PoC learning activity
  • Are there limits to the amount of credits that physicians can earn? Each PoC learning activity is limited to 0.5 credits, however you may engage in as many learning activities as you choose
  • Will I get a hard copy of a certificate? HealthTap records your CME credits and can send out certificates at the end of the calendar year to anyone who requests them
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