How do I submit a SOAP note?


When you accept a virtual visit, your patient will have the choice of interacting with you via video or text chat.

SOAP Sections

Subjective, Objective, and Assessment sections are where you can enter text freely about the visit.

The Plan section has several structured elements to help your patient follow through with your recommendations. You’ll notice that you can add as many recommended actionable steps or follow-up care instructions. Make sure you have at least one. You can also turn any recommendation into a helpful regular reminder.  For example, recommend a 30-minute walk, once a day, for a month.

The Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan sections are mandatory fields in order to submit a SOAP note.


How do I submit my SOAP note?

Once you enter a consult (virtual or in-person), the right hand side of the screen shows the SOAP note.

You can save your SOAP note as a draft (NEW), and return to it at any time.

An open, incomplete SOAP note will show up on the dashboard task list under ‘Note’.


Complete the Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan Sections

The Plan section is where a doctor can add or create new patient care guides. You can build a Care Guide by choosing one of the items in the list or by picking a care guide from an existing list.


Create a New Care Guide by selecting options in the Care Guide list

Use An Existing Care



To submit the SOAP note, click ‘Sign’ at the bottom of the note.

Confirm you are ready to submit note

After the SOAP note has been signed, a time showing when the note was signed will appear at the bottom of your screen.


Sending the SOAP Note

When you click the “Sign” button, the virtual visit will end and your SOAP Note will be sent to the patient and become a part of their Patient's Chart. You can ask your patient to end the virtual visit on their end so that you can take a few minutes to finish your SOAP Note.

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