Invalid patient requests/flagging a visit


From time-to-time, you may receive patient requests which are invalid or for which you can't provide adequate service virtually. No need to worry--it's a reality that there are many use-cases in which virtual care cannot substitute in-person care.

Here are some common scenarios we've noticed patients visiting HealthTap for tools outside of the scope of the product:

  • Wanting/needing controlled substances
  • Requesting a doctor's note for work or school
  • Demanding care or a prescription prior to evaluation from the physician
  • Any other instance in which a physical evaluation is encouraged or warranted.

When you encounter an instance in which you believe you will not be able to deliver adequate care virtually, please notify the patient is about to end and select the Flag button to end the virtual visit immediately. You can find the Flag button at the top right corner of your screen:

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