Care Guides


Whether you need help managing a condition, keeping track of your medication, or simply working toward a more healthy lifestyle, we have a doctor-created, interactive Care Guides just for you.

To enroll in a care guide, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your HealthTap account
  2. Select Enroll in a care guide Screen_Shot_2019-03-20_at_2.57.57_PM.png
  3. You will see a list of specific care plans suggested for you based on the data you entered in your account
  4. You can search for a specific care guide by typing a topic of your interest into the search bar in the top right: Screen_Shot_2019-03-20_at_2.59.08_PM.png. This will search our database to see if there is an existing care guide under the topic you have searched
  5. You can also search for relevant care guides by selecting one of the topic tabs at the top of the page (Conditions, Wellness, Parenting, or Aging)
  6. Each Care Guide will show:
    1. The name of the guide
    2. The doctor who wrote it
    3. How many people are enrolled in the care guide
    4. The types of patients the care guide is for
    5. The tasks associated with the care guide
  7. Once you found a care guide you wish to join, you can click Enroll at the bottom of the page: Screen_Shot_2019-03-20_at_3.00.19_PM.png


To view your Care Guides you are enrolled in, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your HealthTap account
  2. Click on Care in the top, righthand side of your main menu
  3. Click on Care Guides:Screen_Shot_2019-03-20_at_3.01.26_PM.png
  4. This will bring you to a page that shows the Tasks you have to complete/have completed, for all care guides you are enrolled in
  5. To mark a Task as completed, click on the box to the left of that Task. The Task will then go to the bottom of the list under Completed, crossed out, with a green checkmark beside it.

You can also access this Task list from the main menu by clicking on:Screen_Shot_2019-03-20_at_3.02.39_PM.png

  • The number in the white circle tells you how many Tasks you have that are incomplete


You can filter the Task list by following these steps:

  1. Click this icon in the top, righthand corner: Screen_Shot_2019-03-20_at_3.02.33_PM.png
  2. Select the Care Guide name to see only the Tasks from that Care Guide


You can unenroll from a Care Guide by following these steps:

  1. Filter your Task list to the Care Guide you wish to unenroll from via the instructions above
  2. Click on this icon in the top, righthand corner: Screen_Shot_2019-03-20_at_3.03.37_PM.png
  3. This will give you the option to:
    1. See this Care Guide
    2. Opt-out of this Care Guide

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