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    Nowadays there are many types of health services that offer a one on one interaction with doctors and consultants anytime through telecommunication. I also received similar service when I was undergoing treatment at the private health New York. The provided me a personalized care which did help in my quick recovery.

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    Hi. I would like to review my biometric screen results but I can't find a Primary care doctor for free as most employees in my shop can do it.  The Primary care doctor in my HealthTap account shows $99 per month. Could you please help me with this.  Thank you.  Truyen Nguyen

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    would you please help to review my bio screen


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    Rick Stout

    clearly from the same question being ask about contacting a doctor to go over the Quest results is not being setup for easy review. Why? This is something everyone will need to do. Needs to be an easy click like other options. All is see are doctors that charge a fee to review. I am running out of time to complete this.

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