How to do a virtual visits on HealthTap


With HealthTap, you can visit with a primary care doctor 24/7 from wherever you have a computer, tablet, or smartphone and a reliable internet connection.

To visit with a primary care doctor on HealthTap, please follow these steps:

(Using a computer)

1. Log into your HealthTap account

2. Click on the Talk to a Doctor option 


3. Next, please verify your location. If the location listed does not match your current location, you can delete the place listed and type in a new one. Once you begin typing, a list of search results will appear. Choose your desired location and click “Choose”

  • Please note that, if you are using a smartphone, this page will not appear. Instead, you can change your location later, at the top of the screen where you enter the details of your virtual visit request

4. Next, please click on Primary Care Doctor


5. Read the What to expect with a primary care visit with HealthTap information. If you agree to the terms, click okay

6. Choose if the virtual visit is for you or someone else. 


7. Explain what you would like to visit with the doctor about.  Your explanation should be greater than 10 characters and less than 2,000 characters. 


8. If you would like to attach a photo, video, or document, select the Attach button. Please note that attachments can be no larger than 100MB.


9. Please answer the following:

    • Do you have any previously diagnosed conditions?
    • Do you take any over-the-counter or prescription medications?
    • Do you have any allergies

10. If you wish to answer “No” to any of these questions, simply click the “X” button so it is highlighted blue, like so:


11. If you wish to answer “Yes” to any of these questions, simply click the checkmark button. Once you do, a small window will appear where you can search the item in question. When you begin typing, search results will appear. Once you see the result you want, click on it, then click Add


The item will now appear listed below the question, along with the date you added it.


If you wish to delete an item at any point (e.g. you stop taking a medication you had previously added), click on the 3 dots to the right of the item. You can then select “Not Anymore” or “Delete”


12. If you wish to add a preferred pharmacy to your HealthTap account, please select Add Pharmacy. Please note:

  • Even if you believe you need a prescription you should not expect a prescription from any given visit.
  • Patients who are located outside the U.S. may receive prescription recommendations only
  • The following medication categories cannot be prescribed or recommended in virtual visits on HealthTap: 
    • Prescriptions for narcotics or DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) ( controlled substances (Schedule I, II, III, IV)
    • Prescriptions for medications that are restricted by states
    • Prescriptions for medications for psychiatric illnesses
    • Prescriptions for lifestyle medications such as erectile dysfunction or diet drugs.

13. Select your visit type. You can choose to have a visit via text chat, video, or phone. Once you select the virtual visit type, you should be connected to a doctor right away - usually within two minutes.


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