The Dashboard only appears for doctors in the HealthTap Medical Group. Doctors who are part of the Doctor Network but not part of the HealthTap Medical Group do not see the Dashboard in their HealthTap account.

To access the Dashboard: 

  1. Log on to HealthTap or open up the “HealthTap for Doctors” iOS or Android app on your smartphone/tablet
  2. Select Dashboard in the menu bar at any time to return here

Your Dashboard includes all of your Tasks:

  • All: Includes all of the following three
  • Note: Any notes you are writing to patients
  • Result: Any results of labs you have ordered for your patients
  • Inbox: Any virtual visits which have received messages that you need to respond to

It is also in the Dashboard that you can switch yourself from "Unavailable" to "Available" during your virtual visit shifts. To do so, select the switch in the upper right-hand corner



On the left, you will see a menu including:

  • Notifications
  • Patients
  • Messages
  • Learn and Teach
  • My Practice
  • Reports
  • Settings
  • Help
  • Log out
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