What Medications Can Be Prescribed on HealthTap?

Prescriptions can be ordered during a virtual visit at the discretion of the doctor. The HealthTap Medical Group application includes an e-prescribing function. As long as the patient has a preferred pharmacy entered into their account, any e-prescriptions that you write will be transmitted to the specified pharmacy. 

Please note the following:

  • We ask that you prescribe generic medications whenever possible
  • HealthTap does not allow the prescription of:
    1. Prescriptions for narcotics or DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) (http://www.deadiversion.usdoj.gov/schedules/) controlled substances (Schedule I, II, III, IV)
    2.  Prescriptions for medications that are restricted by states
    3.  Prescriptions for medications for psychiatric illnesses
    4.  Prescriptions for lifestyle medications such as erectile dysfunction or diet drugs 
  • Psychiatric medications are excluded from HealthTap because primary care doctors giving limited-visit virtual visits to patients they do not already know are unable to perform the comprehensive initial evaluation that is needed or offer the followup care and monitoring that is required when these drugs are prescribed
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