What Is and Isn't Possible on HealthTap?


HealthTap can serve for many scenarios; however, there are cases for which Virtual Care, the Question & Answer forum, and Dr. A.I. are inappropriate.

Please refer to the following guidelines when contemplating the possible/proper uses of HealthTap:

  • HealthTap may be used to connect with doctors for trusted health information, answers, tips, and virtual visits
  • HealthTap virtual visits may be used for limited primary medical care (as appropriate)
    • Diagnosis and prescriptions/tests are available as deemed medically necessary and relevant by the attending physician
    • Only primary care is offered through HealthTap. Virtual Visits with specialists are not offered at this time
  • HealthTap virtual visits are not a substitute for health insurance, your in-person Primary Care Physician (or other in-person care interactions), or medical emergencies
  • HealthTap Q&A and Dr. A.I. are intended for general informational purposes only
    • No physician-patient relationship can be created from these interactions
    • No medical diagnosis, treatment, or prescriptions allowed from these features

Always keep the following in mind:

  • Seek the advice of your doctor or your other qualified healthcare provider whenever you have a personal question about a medical condition or symptom
  • Never disregard professional medical advice, or delay seeking medical advice or treatment, because of something you read or learn on HealthTap
  • Call 911 (or your local emergency service) or your doctor immediately if you believe you have a medical emergency

For more information about what to expect from HealthTap Basic and Prime services, please visit our Terms of Service.


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