Dr. A.I. (Assess my symptoms)


Powered by an advanced artificial intelligence and trained by more than 108,000 doctors, Dr. A.I. is always on call to answer your health questions and guide you to the right health information or care. 

How to assess your symptoms with Dr. A.I. on HealthTap:

1. Log into your HealthTap account 

2. In the main menu, click on Assess my symptoms


3. Dr. A.I. will then begin prompting you with questions

4. Indicate who is experiencing the symptoms by selecting the corresponding icon at the bottom of the page


5. Dr. A.I. will ask you what symptoms you are experiencing. You can search the symptom either by:

    • Typing the symptom into the search bar
    • Selecting the corresponding place where the symptom is located on the virtual mannequin:


6. Based on the symptom you enter, Dr. A.I.. might ask you various questions to learn more about it.

7. After getting additional information on your symptoms, Dr. A.I. will ask for some background information of the patient. Note that any answers you give Dr. A.I. here will automatically be saved into your HealthTap profile background information. If you wish to edit this later, you can easily do so by going to My Records.

8. Once Dr. A.I. has gathered enough information, it will present you with a list of possible diagnoses, and the chances of each being possible.

9. If you wish to know more about any of the listed diagnoses, you can select them to show the most common symptoms associated with it


10. If you wish to add any of these symptoms to your personal assessment, simply click add. By adding more symptoms, Dr. A.I. can reevaluate your situation and possibly come up with new, more accurate diagnoses.

11. To know more about the diagnosis, click on the name of the diagnosis (within the symptom list, as indicated in the picture below) and it will open a web page with a description of the diagnosis and additional information, including:

    • Overview
    • Symptoms
    • Treatments
    • Tests
    • Doctor Insights
    • Applicable Care Guides


12. If you feel any of the listed diagnoses might be accurate, you can seek the next steps by selecting the diagnosis and clicking What should I do?

13. You can then choose one of the following options:

  • Take Action: discover care guides for managing this condition
  • Learn More: this will open up the webpage with a description of the diagnosis and additional information, including:
    • Overview
    • Symptoms
    • Treatments
    • Tests
    • Doctor Insights
    • Applicable Care Guides


  • Ask Doctors Your Question: post a general, educational question that doctors in our network can give their insights to
  • Get virtual care now: talk to a medical expert by video, voice, or chat


Important Notes: 

  • If at any point, Dr. A.I. becomes concerned that your symptoms may be associated with an emergency medical condition, she will generate the following prompt


  • At any point during your conversation with Dr. A.I., going back a page will completely erase your conversation and you will need to begin again
  • As stated in the Disclaimer: All information on HealthTap (including this tool) is for educational and informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment recommendations. You should immediately call or visit your doctor or local emergency services provider if you believe you may be having a medical emergency.
  • Symptom Assessment History View: You can view a list of the complete transcripts of all your previous symptom assessment sessions with Dr. A.I. All newly completed symptom assessments will be saved to this list by default. You can also delete individual symptom assessments if they wish to do so. To get to this menu:
    • Log in to your HealthTap Account
    • Select My Care
    • Select Symptom Assessments




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