Can I Get a Prescription on HealthTap?


On HealthTap, prescriptions are only available by a HealthTap doctor's medical expertise and discretion. Even if you believe you need a prescription, you should not expect or demand a prescription on HealthTap. 

Please note the following:

  • HealthTap should not be used to request prescriptions for any medications or any duration not permitted via virtual visits. 
  • There are cases when you may present with a condition that is long-standing for which you may have been taking a prescription for a long period of time. The same rules apply to these situations. 
  • Please also understand that in HealthTap virtual visits, you and the doctor most likely do not have an established doctor-patient relationship. As such, if the doctor chooses to prescribe, best practice will be for the doctor to prescribe a short course of medication to hold you over until you are able to visit with your established doctor. 

If you are located outside the U.S you may only receive prescription recommendations through virtual visits. 

The following medication categories cannot be prescribed or recommended in virtual visits on HealthTap:

  • Prescriptions for narcotics or DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) ( controlled substances (Schedule I, II, III, IV)
  • Prescriptions for medications that are restricted by states
  • Prescriptions for medications for psychiatric illnesses
  • Prescriptions for lifestyle medications such as erectile dysfunction or diet drugs.

Before initiating a virtual visit, make sure your preferred pharmacy in your Health Profile is up to date to correspond with your location:

  • Prescribed medications transmit electronically through HealthTap to your preferred pharmacy.
  • Once the prescribed medication is ready to be picked up, your pharmacy may notify you via telephone or SMS, based on your preferences with your pharmacy.
  • Prescriptions are paid for as they would be for a normal doctor visit (by your insurance provider, or out of pocket if your insurance doesn’t cover it).
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