Standard of Care for HealthTap Medical Group


  • Patients & Referrals: As a doctor in HealthTap Medical Group, you have agreed to provide primary care virtual consults to patients of all ages and without regard to gender, ethnicity, or religious beliefs. After the initial evaluation, you may refer a patient to another doctor as you deem appropriate
  • Privacy & Consult Environment: On HealthTap, you provide private and confidential medical care to patients. Please refrain from engaging in answering questions and/or consults in an environment where others are present or may see or hear sensitive information, or where you cannot otherwise devote full attention to the patient and the consult (e.g. while driving in a car). If you are not in an environment where you can devote full attention to the patient or you are otherwise unavailable, set your status to "Unavailable" or "Take break" to avoid receiving a consult request when you are unable to give a live consult
  • HealthTap Medical Group Shifts: When participating in HealthTap Medical Group, you have agreed to be responsive to outreach from HealthTap Expert Support at (650-376-6010)

Consultation Guidelines

  • Consult Length: Live video, audio, or text consults in HealthTap Medical Group generally last less than 15 minutes (per industry averages). The maximum patient-interaction time for live consults is 30 minutes. You and your patient will be shown messages and popups as a session nears the time limit. Best practices include discussing with patients the options for further care before the end of each session, which may include confirmation that all of their questions have been addressed and that you will submit the consult notes shortly after the consult ends
  • Availability: When your HealthTap status is set to “Available,” you agree to answer each incoming virtual consult request from any patient. You must be prepared for video consult requests at all times. This means you have agreed to answer all incoming consult requests, even when they are from patients whom you recognize or who have previously consulted with you for the same problem. Feel free to: (i) reconfirm with any such patient that they understand the evaluation and treatment already given; (ii) refer to another doctor for additional evaluation or care as appropriate and (iii) kindly inform the patient that the HealthTap consult service is not intended for repeated consults for the same health issue (repeated consults, except for in cases of legitimate reasons, such as technical issues, can lead to an account being blocked by HealthTap). Please remember to mark yourself “Unavailable” or “Take Break” at the end of your day or at other times when you are not able to answer consults. Note that failure to respond to consult requests when you set yourself to "Available" is a cause for sanction of your privileges
  • Proper language: We expect that you, as a qualified medical professional, always use appropriate professional language that is understandable by your patients. Poor grammar, misspellings, slang, and medical acronyms are all impediments to good communication with patients
  • Summaries & Follow Up: You may convey to the patient you will send the consult notes and treatment recommendations soon after the consult ends (including prescriptions, lab tests, and checklists, if appropriate). You have agreed to complete the consult note right after the conversation with the patient. Note that this is especially important if you prescribe medication because prescriptions are not sent to the patient’s pharmacy until consult notes are completed and submitted. Patients often initiate a second consult if they do not receive an expected prescription in a timely manner

Consultation Etiquette

  • Start and end on a positive note: "On HealthTap, every consult begins with a smile and ends with a checklist"
  • Listen: It is always a good idea after greeting your patient to let them speak uninterrupted for an initial period of time (at least 30 seconds)
  • Professional Attire and Environment: Appropriate professional attire is expected, and your environment should be tidy, professional, and well lit (especially with good lighting on your face). Avoid sitting with a window behind you that causes your face to appear dark
  • Attentiveness Matters: As a doctor providing services on HealthTap, you should give your full and undivided attention to patients during virtual consults. You should look directly at your camera whenever possible. It's a good idea to let the patient know if you need to look away (such as for chart review or documenting the encounter)
  • Confirming Completion: For all types of consultations, please confirm with the patient that you have addressed their concerns before the consult ends. Patients appreciate it if you ask them if they are satisfied with the virtual consult or if they have additional concerns before you end the conversation.

Treatment & Care Guidelines 

  • Patient History: You should take a moment and perform a video examination (where relevant) on your patients before determining the next steps, even for patients who have a problem outside the area of expertise of a primary care doctor. It's also very important to review the Patient Chart to see if they may have done any prior consults with other practitioners on HealthTap. Please refer patients who need additional care to the appropriate doctor for in-person or virtual care follow-up
  • Examinations: If you believe that a physical examination or testing is required to complete the evaluation before commencing treatment, you should explain to the patient why this is the case, direct the patient to appropriate care, and document your advice and reasoning. If a patient requests repeated consults in search of a different opinion for the same problem, this is a violation of HealthTap’s Terms of Use and can be reported via email to or by phone to 650-376-6010
  • Prescriptions: In HealthTap Medical Group, you are able to prescribe non-scheduled (DEA I-IV, lifestyle, psychiatric, and state-regulated medications are NOT able to be prescribed) medications at your professional discretion. If you feel that you would never be able to issue a prescription in the virtual consult setting, you should not participate in HealthTap Medical Group. When medically appropriate, you may prescribe up to 90 days of medication (unless a shorter term is dictated by state regulations). Best practice suggests doctors should provide a short course of medication to help the patient until the patient can see her/his primary care physician or prescribing specialist
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