How do I schedule appointments for Quest Diagnostics lab orders?

HealthTap doctors order lab tests through the virtual visit Summary Note, which is automatically sent to Quest Diagnostics. You schedule an appointment on the Quest Diagnostics website. When your results are ready, you and your HealthTap doctor will receive a notification.

To schedule a lab test at a Quest Diagnostics location:

1. Log into your HealthTap Account

2. Select "My Care

3. Select "Medical Consults"

4. Select your recent virtual visit in which a doctor ordered lab tests for you

5. In your visit transcript, scroll down to the Labs that are listed and select “Schedule lab test” where you will be redirected to the Quest Diagnostics website

6. Select “Schedule an Appointment” 

7. Select “Medical Professional” for "Who is sending you for testing?"

8. Select the “All Other Tests” option

9. Input your Zip Code to find a nearby testing location

10. Select a location from the list

11. Select “Schedule Appointment” 

12. Choose a date and time slot

13. Provide the requested information personal information

14. Select “Schedule Appointment”  

15. Show up for your appointment at the confirmed location, date, and time.

16. Once the test results are received by HealthTap, you and the consulting doctor who ordered the lab tests will receive a notification.

Please note: if Quest Diagnostic does not have your order or you need any further assistance setting up your appointment, please email Customer Support.

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