How Much Does HealthTap Cost?


The cost of a visit with HealthTap varies based on the type of plan you choose. Based on your individual needs, you can choose either the Basic or Prime plan.

Which plan should I choose?

  • The Basic plan asks you to pay per visit with no membership fee associated with it. You can either pay $80 out of pocket or you can decide to use your copay depending on your insurance to cover the visit.
  • The Prime plan does have an associated membership fee of $15 per month and you are required to pay $30 per visit. Please note that you cannot use your insurance to cover prime visits.

What is included in these plans?

  • 24/7 virtual visits, using video or text chat with a board-certified doctor in less than 1 minute on average
  • Prescriptions sent to your pharmacy or home
  • Lab tests and results on HealthTap
  • Reminders about treatment plans
  • Referrals to specialists

Note: The cost of prescriptions, lab tests, or in-person doctor visits are not included in the cost of the plan.

Do I still have access to the free features on HealthTap for the Basic & Prime plan?

Yes! You can still post free, anonymous health questions, using our symptom assessment tool, and more.

How many virtual doctor visits can I do with the Prime plan?

In order so that our doctors have the capacity to treat everyone seeking assistance, we ask that you abide by our Terms of Use and HealthTap Payment Agreement. Specifically, the following clauses explain what could be deemed an abuse of our platform:

  • You may request as many virtual visits as medically necessary for discrete and episodic medical issues, but not for emergency or in-person care. If you obtain five or more virtual consults during any seven-day period on two or more occasions over any thirty-day period, then we reserve the right to review your usage and to suspend or terminate your HealthTap account if we find that you have misused the service. Our conclusions based on those reviews are final. This high-volume use is usually indicative of medical issues that require in-person or emergency care instead of virtual care, and you are not permitted to use our products and services as a replacement for that care.
  • You agree to refrain from excessive or inappropriate use of Premium Services, including but not limited to multiple Virtual Consults for the same issue without a valid medical reason, including but not limited to: initiating a subsequent Virtual Consult before you have received the Summary Notes from the doctor of the prior HealthTap Premium Services Virtual Consult; attempts to obtain prescriptions unavailable through HealthTap Premium Services or not previously prescribed to you in a prior HealthTap Premium Services consult for the same issue; multiple Virtual Consults for a symptom or condition when you have been advised to seek in-person care; or any other behavior deemed by HealthTap or a HealthTap Premium Services doctor to be excessive or inappropriate.


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