How to Add an Addendum to a Virtual Visit Transcript

There are times that information needs to be shared with patients after the virtual visit has ended. The addendum feature provides this function. 

To add an addendum after you have signed the SOAP note for a virtual visit:

1. Log into your HealthTap provider account

2. Select the "Patients" in the left menu


3. Select a patient


4. Select the "Patient info" tab


5. Select the "Visits" option in the menu


6. Choose the signed virtual visit you want to add the addendum to


7. Scroll down to the bottom of the SOAP note and select "+Add Addendum"


8. Add the information you'd like to share with the patient. You can also upload PDF attachments if applicable then select "Add". Note that, whether or not you add a PDF attachment, you will not be able to select "Add" until you have typed in a brief note


9. The Addendum is automatically sent to the patient. You can view the note at the end of the SOAP note



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