How do I reschedule or cancel an in-person CVS MinuteClinic appointment?

Life happens and when it does you may need to cancel or reschedule an appointment with CVS.

To cancel your appointment with CVS:

1. Go to the menu bar at the top of your screen and click on "My Care" 


2. Select "Visits" from the My Care menu


3. Select the CVS appointment scheduled under "Upcoming"


4. Select "Cancel or reschedule visit" at the bottom of the page


5. Copy the registration code and select "Yes, cancel" 


6. You will be taken to the CVS website where you will be prompted to enter or paste your registration code and enter the patient's last name. Once completed, select "Continue"


7. Select "Cancel existing visit" 

*To reschedule skip to step 11


8. Select the "Reason for cancellation" dropdown and choose your cancellation reason (a reason must be chosen to cancel). Once chosen, select "Yes, cancel existing visit"


9. You have successfully cancelled your visit


10. You should also receive a confirmation email shortly after cancelling



To reschedule your appointment with CVS:

11. Follow the prompt to reschedule your visit

    1. Select the date you want to reschedule to from the "Choose a day to visit" menu

    2. Select "What time of day works for you"

    3. Choose the time that works for you and select "Reschedule Visit"


12. Review details and select "Confirm new visit". You have now successfully rescheduled your visit




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