How do I see if my insurance covered the cost of my visit?

Please note that HealthTap does not decide anything about your coverage; we just relay information from your insurance company.

To find out if your visit is covered and by how much by inputting your insurance information. The amount of your coverage and the remaining cost of the visit will show on the virtual visit payment screen. If your insurance plan does not cover your virtual visit, you will see a charge for $80 or $39 depending on your membership status, for the full amount of the visit.

If your insurance doesn’t cover virtual visits, consider joining HealthTap Prime, which is designed to be used without insurance. 

Following are reasons why your virtual visit might not be covered:

  • You haven’t met your deductible
  • Your insurance company doesn’t cover this type of telemedicine visit
  • Your health insurance company could not tell us your coverage at this time. In this case,, we recommend contacting the insurance company directly for more information. .You might be able to file a reimbursement claim for your virtual visit. Please note that HealthTap will not file a claim for you, so please make sure to get clear instructions to submit the claim on your own.

If you need additional help, have any questions about your plan or require assistance, please send our Member Support Team a message at

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